Pool Membership Add-On - Lifetime Members

As part of your Lifetime Membership, pool access is included for you and for any paid family members. On this page Lifetime Members will be able to grant access to additional family members who are not already paid members. Please make your selections below.

Annual Family Add-On: $1,000 plus NJ tax, all immediate family members under the age of 24 living at home.

Policies and Fees
Guests: -No one guest may use the pool more than (2) times per month, and no more than six (6) times per season.

Pool Guest Fees
-$10.00 Tuesday through Thursday
-$15.00 Friday through Sunday and Holidays
-Half price fees for children under 10 years, under 2 years free

Additional Add Ons
Nanny Card (per person)
-$300 plus tax for the pool season

Grandchild Add-On (per person)
-$300 per grandchild plus tax for the pool season

Towel Service is Included.

Please make your selections below:
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