Pool Membership Add-On

On this page current members will be able to opt-in to the 2015 Pool Add-On. Please make your selections below.

Family Add-On: $1,500 plus NJ tax, all immediate family members under the age of 24 living at home.

Individual Add-On: $1,200 plus NJ tax.

Policies and Fees
Guests: -No one guest may use the pool more than (2) times per month, and no more than six (6) times per season.

Pool Guest Fees
-$10.00 Tuesday through Thursday
-$15.00 Friday through Sunday and Holidays
-Half price fees for children under 10 years, under 2 years free

Additional Add Ons
Nanny Card
-$300 plus tax for the pool season

Grandchild Add-On
-$300 plus tax for the pool season

Towel Service is Included.

Please make your selections below:
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