Totem Health & Fitness is our elite, onsite Performance and Wellness facility. Totem’s services address your physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral wellbeing to customize training to meet your needs and wants. Our industry-leading biomechanical analysis, paired with our specialization in behavioral change, creates an unparalleled service to enhance you life.

Visit us between the men’s locker room and Tilly’s for your complimentary assessment.

The Totem Team

  • Kelly Fisher – Totem Manager & Performance Coach
  • Nancy Pearson – Performance Coach
  • Ben Carr – Director of Operations and Continuing Education

Totem Hours:

Performance Coaches are available Monday through Friday 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM, and Saturday 6:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

The Totem Health & Fitness Facility is open to members for use during all open club hours every day of the week.

Totem Health & Fitness Specials

Shackamaxon Country Club members are entitled to two complimentary sessions with a Totem Health and Fitness performance coach.  Members are also welcome to stop in for a complimentary pre-round assisted stretch.

Client Testimonials

I really enjoy working with Kelly Fisher at Totem. His professionalism and attention to detail are qualities I noticed during my first session over 5 months ago. He is always prepared and is always looking for new ways to challenge me.  He also takes the time to educate me, and each session I come away with more knowledge about how my body is functioning.  I have gained more flexibility, balance and strength since working with him. Kelly’s enthusiasm and generous spirit make each session fun and I always leave feeling better both physically and mentally.

– Kevin Misslich


I joined Totem Fitness one year ago after being in physical therapy for a hip injury. I wanted to get in shape as well as keep away additional injury. It worked so well that my husband joined a few months afterwards, and we have been coming twice a week for the past year!

I love that the trainers will tailor the workouts to my needs overall or even just on that particular day depending on how I’m feeling.  I have learned to appreciate that even if my body can’t do an exercise it isn’t a bad thing, it just gives us useful information.  In addition, I am more “mindful” of what I eat instead of having to use the dreaded “diet” word.  It makes a big difference!

Finally, one of the biggest things I have learned is how important a full stretching routine is before a workout!  I always thought that the few stretching exercises I did at the beginning and end of a routine were sufficient. How wrong I was!  It’s amazing how much better my body feels after a workout now!

-Karen Peretz

For further information about Totem Health & Fitness, please contact:

Kelly Fisher   908.206.7970 –