Winter golf tips from Joe

Golf Professional Joe Bush provides you with some tips for the winter months in order to keep your golf muscles active, and prepare you physically for the 2014 Golf Season!

1. Purchase an impact bag. It is one of the most-simple training aids, but a very effective training tool. To use, I recommend a shortened backswing (make a 90 degree angle) and strike the bag feeling the speed created from the unhinging of the wrists.

2. Stretch. Many of the swing flaws I see on the lesson tee are the byproduct of lack of flexibility. Many golf specific stretching exercises can be found online and done daily. Check out Greg Norman’s site for his stretching routine.


3. Putt, but not into a cup. Put two clubs down resembling a train track (a ¼ to ½ inch clearance on each side of your putter). Work on creating a good rhythm, being aware of keeping the putter square as is goes back and through.

4. Hit some golf balls. In many of the lessons I gave this season, I encouraged golfers to work on a variety of drills, depending on objective. A range with some heaters, even on a cold day, gives golfers an opportunity to work heavily on these drills and develop new swing “feels”.